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Why I Love to Coach

Who’s your “go to” person? You know, the person who you seek out to help you with a problem. You request their counsel because you trust their judgement and know they will try to help you in any way they can. That’s a Coach.

Has there ever been an occasion that you were asked to help someone with a problem and because of your efforts, you helped resolve the problem? If you have, then you know the incredible feeling that comes about from helping someone improve and resolve a problem. That’s a coaching situation.

Ever notice how some people really like what they do?

And if you get to work with them you can readily see that they are also good at doing it. Usually they exude enthusiasm and have an extremely high confidence level. A Coach is a person who teaches and trains individuals or teams of people, giving direction that will guide them toward achieving their objectives.

To do this a Coach must possess soft and hard skills. Soft skills typically refer to a cluster of personality traits, social graces, facility with language, personal habits, friendliness and optimism. Soft skills complement hard skills, which are the technical requirement of the job. A person who possesses these skills and traits is seen as a leader and one that everyone wants to emulate and have on their team.

Thinking back to my earlier days, the first job I had that I really loved was selling Yellow Page advertising. Some of you reading this might not have any idea what a Yellow Page is. But for those of you who are familiar with the Yellow Page books you know it was THE place to go when Buyers were looking for Sellers. Long before computers and Google!

The company was known for its outstanding training and rightfully so as the job was all commission. Thru hard work and my desire to help my clients grow their businesses, I became the top Account Executive and loved it.

Thru hard work and my desire to help my clients grow their businesses, I became the top Account Executive and loved it.

It was exhilarating to have the opportunity to work with such a diversity of businesses. I had to learn everything I could about each business in order to understand and recommend an effective marketing campaign for them. Due to my strong work ethics, efforts and passion for the business, I had the opportunity to become a Sales Coach. Many thought I was crazy to walk away from a high paying commission sales job to teach others. But I did what I had to do and what I found was I loved that equally as well. Taking a “newbie” and teaching them the skillset to help them carve out a substantial income based on their efforts was extremely rewarding and gratifying.

Fast forward to my life in network marketing…it’s the same and I love it. I have the privilege to work with individuals that have a burning desire to build their own business. They are willing to invest the time and energy to create a better life for their family and self that many other people only dream of.

I provide you with the tools and training needed to succeed. The personal commitment to not let anything deter you from achieving your dreams will give you great pleasure and financial freedom. It’s your desire to succeed and your ambition to grow that will propel you to financial freedom.

For some people taking that initial step to begin their independence and personal freedom is frightening. Make the commitment to yourself and allow a coach to assist you thru the learning curve.

It will be the most rewarding experience you will ever have. One that sets you apart from the others.

  • I will give you 15 minutes of my time to help you grow and chart your course to financial freedom.
  • It's absolutely FREE!

James and Jamye Toale

Terri sincerely cares about others and she shows this through her knowledge of business, networking, and coaching.

Brenda Adams

In all my year's in Network Marketing, I have never had as great of a teacher as Terri Recknor. Terri's ability to explain and simplify how to build my team, stay organized and teach my organization to do the same is invaluable. To have this kind of knowledge at your fingertips is second to none.

Charlotte Biggs

I’ve been engaged in network marketing with a number of different products or services most of my life and at times really struggled with it. 

When I met Terri Recknor things changed for the better. Terri has the skill, knowledge and experience to be able to present things so clearly that it all just unfolds the way it should. With Terri’s help I came to understand that there is a proven system that works. It’s about building that system for yourself and your team. Learn it, do it and train it.

Terri’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious, it spread through the entire team. Her knowledge in how to build a successful network marketing business is invaluable! There is no one else as giving, caring and knowledgeable as she is out there. I am so grateful she came into my life.​