Your Ideal Prospect

Now that you have started your new business you want to know who is the best candidate to join you as you build your business and what is the best way to find them.

First let’s talk about your ideal prospect. Remember in our Mindset video we discussed finding people that think positively about network marketing, as opposed to dragging someone unwillingly into your business. You want to focus on finding quality prospects. Friends and family are a great place to start but for most people, that is not where they find leaders to grow their business.

With this group it might be best for you to inform them about your new business and see if they are interested in trying your product or service first. If they show an interest, then you may want to discuss the business aspect of your company. Remember these people will be the first to think you are crazy to go outside your normal business activity to try something new.

Do not push them into anything, you are giving them the courtesy of knowing what you are doing, that’s all. You do not want to overwhelm your friends and family with your new business. If you do, you may alienate them, and it’s not worth it.


Do they have people skills? Are they comfortable interacting with others? Do they have an outgoing personality and easy to talk with?
Would this person be able to establish trust and confidence with their prospects?
Are they coachable? Or do they know everything? You want to recruit people who are easily trained and mentored as they will replicate this in their own business.
Do they have a strong work ethic and will they commit to do what it takes to be successful? If they say they are going to do something, will they actually do it?
What personality traits do you want them to possess? Who would you rather work with a skeptical, negative person, or a motivated open minded professional?

Look at the individuals in your company

Who are the top earners? What traits do they possess?
What kind of passion do they have about your product or service
Do you feel they have a chance for success in the company? If so, why?
Create a profile of the ideal person you want to work with, and write down those exact qualifications. This is who you are looking for!

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