What’s Your Why?

The Networkers that make it big in our business possess the greatest business power…it’s their Why. Their reason and justification why they are in this business. Why they work so hard, why they stay engaged, stay excited, remain a product of their product and never quit. People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. The goal is to do business with people that believe what you believe.

Ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” I challenge you to dig deep and look at Why you have chosen network marketing. Your Why will keep you going when everyone else tells you you are crazy. Once you find your Why, your passion, hold on to that picture and do not let go!

In network marketing, 10% of your success will be based on the work that you do. The other 90% will be based on your why. That’s because your why is what’s going to keep you going to do whatever is necessary to make your business successful.

Think about the person who joins a networking organization. This person can have all the money, time and a large network but without a compelling reason to succeed they will not be successful in this business. On the other hand a person with a great “why” and none of these resources will succeed because they will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals.

What’s your why? What’s your reason? What’s your purpose? Before you embark on building and growing your business, ask yourself: what’s your greatest why? Why start this business at all? What end do you have in mind?

Are you looking for more time to enjoy your life? Financial freedom so that you can work only because you want to not because you have to? How great would that be? Perhaps you have college tuition to pay or your 401k tanked and you need to fund your retirement. Is it to buy the house of your dreams? Travel or purchase a luxury car? Or is it something deeper?

All these are worthy dreams. What is your why? If you have more than one, write them down. Some people use a vision board and put pictures of their “dreams” on a board and pin it to their wall or on their bathroom mirror. Whatever works for you, do it. Put your dreams in front of you so that you look at them every day.

These dreams will serve you well when you’re having one of those days when nothing goes right and you start to think maybe those people are right, maybe you are crazy.

Your why will get you through those kind of days. Your why is what’s going to move you to do everything necessary to make this business successful.


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