Use Your Voice Effectively

Learn how to use your voice effectively.

    • Develop your voice so that people want to listen to you. Has anyone with a high whiny voice started a conversation with you? What’s the first thing you want to do? End the conversation as quickly as possible, right?

  • Avoid a monotone voice. Learn how to animate your words when you are talking. Think about announcers and DJ’s on the radio. They use voice inflection throughout their air time to keep their listeners engaged.
  • Use the appropriate volume. Speak in the volume that is best for the audience. If you are speaking to one person your speech should be softer and quieter, while a room full of people will require a louder voice.

If you practice these techniques, particularly actively listening to those you are speaking with, you learn an enormous amount about how you can help them achieve their goals. And the more you help other people achieve their goals, the more they will help you realize yours.

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