Master Facebook Image Sizes

This post will help you size your photos properly for FB. Since I use PicMonkey for all my photo editing, I thought I would share with you their at-a-glance guides for Facebook.



Facebook has been around for awhile, so it’s had time to fine-tune its image requirements. Here are a couple tips to help you navigate Facebook photo world:

  • Your profile photo appears in others’ news feeds, and next to your comments and replies. Make sure it’s high quality and very clearly branded.
  • Your cover photo makes a ginormous impression on visitors to your page or timeline, because it takes up some serious real estate. There are plenty of ways make use of your cover photo, from humanizing your brand to getting the word out about an upcoming event.
  • When a link is placed in the status update box, Facebook automatically pulls in an image, along with a title and description. That means you’ve gotta optimize link images when publishing, since these will show up when you (and anyone else) shares the link to your post on Facebook.
  • Post images (shared using the camera icon in the status box) appear in the news feed as a square. If you’re sharing multiple images, they’ll show up as a collage.
  • Facebook made a big change in 2014, and started favoring link posts instead of photo posts with a link in the caption.
  • Easily crop your page’s cover photo to the right dimensions with our Facebook Cover Photo preset. Find it in the Basic Edits tab, in the dropdown menu under Crop.
  • Facebook group and event pages have their own cover photo dimension requirements. Group page cover photos should be 801 x 250, and event page cover photos should be 784 x 295.


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