The Process of Recruiting Prospects

The Process of Recruiting Prospects is a powerful system to help you build your business. Once you understand it, this system will enable you to recruit prospects quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at the different elements that make up the system. There are three distinct phases. They are:

  • The Approach or Invitation Phase
  • The Exposure or Information Phase
  • And the Decision Phase

This course will provide you a brief overview of each phase involved with the Process of Recruiting Prospects, along with an understanding of how the entire process works. Then, key aspects of all three phases will be explored in depth in other courses so you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and why you’re doing it.

In Network Marketing, your job is to guide your prospects through the process so they can make an informed decision. Your skill in handling the Approach and Exposure phases will have a major impact on your success.

As you go through this process, it’s also important to remember that in each phase, you’re trying to find out if someone is open and interested, or not. Here’s the key: Your time is valuable so you only want to focus on the people who indicate they’re interested. If they say no, let them go. You may think “if I can just get them into the business…” Remember, if you drag someone into your business, you’re going to have to drag them the whole way through. So, the people who “step up”, the ones that have the passion and desire, are the ones you want to spend time with.

The Approach phase is where you start the process to find out whether someone is open and interested. Your objective is to peak their interest and arouse their curiosity so they want to know more.

Once you peak someone’s interest, you want to move them into the Exposure Phase where they can find out about the opportunity. There are several great ways to do this.

If your company provides them, you can offer them access to a video, website or a brochure where they can find out more at their own convenience. When using items like these, be sure to schedule a time to follow up.

You can invite them to meet your mentor or another up-line leader. Usually this is done on a brief 3-way phone call or a one-on-one meeting. These can be extremely effective.

You can also invite them to an event such as a private reception, a business presentation or a company meeting.

Typically, the Exposure Phase is a process where you explore all the details and answer any questions your prospects may have. You may have a few “exposures” to the same prospect, so don’t be frustrated when they ask again.

A lot of the time, especially when you’re new to the business and don’t have much credibility, it’s better if you DON’T present the information yourself. Make sure to review our credibility course for more on this topic.

Some prospects will make a decision very early in the Exposure Phase. Others will take more time. In either case, your objective during this Phase is to help your prospects make an informed decision. Whether it’s yes or no, you goal is to get a decision.

For those who say no, sometimes it just means not now. Wish them well and let them know the door is open if they change their mind. Put them on a follow up list and get back to them at another time.

For those who just want to become a customer, that’s great. Thank them for their business! Then collect their check or credit card and set them up to receive the products and services they want. Be sure to ask them to tell their friends about what you offer and let them know you would be happy to speak to anyone they refer.

For those who say yes and decide to join your business, Congratulations!

This is a tremendous accomplishment.

You’ll want to make sure your new associate is properly signed up and registered. If there are any fees or purchase requirements to join the company, make sure they’re taken care of right away.

As you can see, this system is designed around the natural process people go through when learning about something new. Because people absorb new things at different speeds, the Process of Recruiting Prospects is a very flexible system. It allows you to adjust the flow of information to suit the needs of anyone you meet.

This process is all about recruiting new people, but the great thing is that it enables you to earn while you learn. By going through this process with new prospects, you will become more and more capable of duplicating the process and beginning to serve as a leader and mentor to the new distributors you have recruited. And you can’t beat that.


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