Personality Types Utilizing Color

If you really want to experience success in network marketing you have to learn how to recruit, and to do this you must be good at communicating with people.
Here’s a very important insight that will give you an advantage in accomplishing this.  It’s about understanding the difference in people’s personality style.

There are typically 4 different personality styles that people have and if you are able to understand and identify them you will be much more effective in communicating with and recruiting the right people into your business. To keep it simple, we’ll use different colors to describe them.  Some systems use numbers, some use animals.  Either way, all of them serve to help understand more about how people think, act and behave.  And when you can identify this, it definitely increases your ability to build rapport faster and interact more effectively.

The first personality is Yellow, or the Amiable type.
These people can be identified as caring, and are the givers of the world.
Their primary concern is about helping people and safety.
When recruiting a person with a yellow personality, talk to them about their family, their business, and their lives.
Relate how joining your business will give them more time to spend with their families, more security and how they will be able to help others.

The next is Blue, or the Expressives.
This type just wants to have fun and bring joy to everyone.
Blues tend to be sales professionals and many work with networking companies or have in the past.
When recruiting a Blue into your business they will understand what you are offering pretty quickly and they don’t need all the facts in order to make a decision.
If Blues see fun and excitement in your business they will sell themselves.

Then there is the Green, or your Analyticals.
They will analyze everything you tell them about your business.
It’s all about facts and figures.
They typically will spend a lot of time on your compensation plan.
When recruiting a Green personality style, remember to give them all the information you can including your company website, recruiting tools and anything else that will help educate them on your business.
Then sit back and wait, Greens will figure out the rest.

Last, but certainly not least, are the Reds, or Drivers.
When you come across a Red Personality, you’ll know it.
They are the controlling and executing type.
And they’ll want to talk about the money.
When you are talking to a prospect that is a Red, you need to concentrate on the residual income they’ll earn and how they’ll control it.
Red’s are not as interested in the fun or the “feel good” about the business but rather the income potential.
They are the “go to” team members that will get the job done for you.

Reds usually have a lot of contacts and introduce the business to many.

A word of caution:
Certain styles might rub another the wrong way.
For instance, Reds and Yellows will sometimes clash as will Greens and Blues.
Reds just want to execute and make things happen, while Yellows are concerned about how it feels and affects certain areas that Reds just don’t care about.
Greens want the facts, where Blues just want to have fun and don’t really care about the numbers.
They’ll eventually take care of themselves.
So, as you can see, the 4 styles are really quite different.
And now that we’ve described them, you probably know a few of each.
Think about your family and friends.
They really do have these different characteristics, don’t they!

Now, here’s the most important thing:

What style are you?
Once you know this, consider the advantage you have in understanding how YOU handle most situations and how you can meet people where they are in their color, or style of communication.
This is really quite powerful.
After all, this is about connecting with other people and building relationships.
People do business with people that they like and trust.
And using these techniques will definitely give you the advantage in accomplishing this.
Once you understand these personality types you will be able to identify your prospects and know how best to start and have the conversation about your business.
Develop rapport by relating to them in the way they relate to the world around them.
Listen to how they answer your questions and deliver the answer in the manner best suited for their personality style.
This will eventually lead you to developing deeper relationships with others, increase your recruiting success and enhance your life overall.

The simple grid noted below will help you evaluate how each type acts.

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