Let’s discuss Inviting.

The following information about Inviting has been touched on in other Blogs.
It’s all related to starting a conversation about your opportunity.
Now we want to discuss this technique in detail.

My goal is to give you a deeper understanding of the process of who and how to invite.
Let’s frame the process.

First, we identify who you are going to contact.
Second, you invite them to a presentation where they will be able to get more information about your business.
The presentation can take the form of a 3-way call, an in-person or online meeting, a video, a website or an event.
The total function of the presentation is to invite them to the next step where your prospect will get the information.

This is where your expert and upline leaders come in to help you build your business.

When you start your business, you already have a market or a group of people to approach. It’s your secret weapon.
I’m talking about your warm market, or your family, friends and associates that already know and trust you.
These are the people who you call when you see a great movie or find a new restaurant that you love.

One of the first things you should do after you enroll is to start building your list. Make sure you have requested our
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You’re  going to constantly be thinking of people to add to your list.
Organizing these names into one master list is very important.
Personally, I have a list on my iPhone that I carry with me everywhere I go.
You will constantly have a name pop into your head so you need to keep adding them.

They say, in our industry, that the size of your List is directly proportionate to your check.

Now, how do you tell them about your new business when, at this point, you aren’t really experienced on how to present the opportunity?

First and foremost be yourself.

Typically when people are new in the business, they are over excited and don’t talk to their warm market as they normally would. They tend to use words they don’t fully understand yet and the message get’s lost in the translation.

Remember, you have one chance to make a good impression.
Talk to them as you would about anything else.
Just have a conversation and then invite them.

You may want to talk to your closest friends, one-on-one or in a small group about your opportunity – and that is okay.
But, after you make the invitation, don’t deviate from the system – stop talking.
Remember, just because they are your family or friends, don’t let them drag you into additional conversation.
This is what the next step is for.

Leave them curious.
This is very important as too much talking sometimes will actually talk them right out of the opportunity.
Frankly, this is one of the biggest mistakes even professional sales people make.
You need to feel that you are NOT selling them but rather sharing with them.

Remember you are passionate about your new business.
If you start getting into too much detail, you’ll be complicating things by trying to explain something that you may not fully understand yet.

Be careful in doing this.
Do not get in your own way.
Don’t go overboard.
And don’t put so much pressure on yourself to know everything so that you lose sight of why you are in this business- Your Why!

In knowing that there are multiple information meetings and methods available, you should have a goal of how many invitations you want to schedule per day. This is based on the goals you have set for yourself.
For instance, a great goal would be 10 phone calls resulting in 2 to 3 successful invitations per day.

See more about this in our “Goals” Blog.

Make the calls and put them into your calendar on some designated time slots you feel comfortable with.
I suggest to stagger the days and time frames to allow for maximum flexibility for scheduling.
Make sure your calendar is with you when you’re making your calls so that you know when the weekly meetings are.

A perfect week is when you start with a Monday morning schedule of meetings, ready to go, building the rest of your week.
This is exciting stuff!
If you form a good habit early, it will follow you through your career and you will teach this to everyone you bring into your business.

When making a phone call invitation, be in a hurry when you call them.
This is not a casual conversation.
It should be a 30-45 seconds.
You are calling with a purpose.
You could say something like: “Hi, this is Terri.  I’m kind of  in a hurry but wanted to call you, or I know you’re busy and I am too…

If you’re setting up a conference call or 3-way call, you could say something like: “I have availability for a call either Tuesday evening at 7pm or Wednesday afternoon at 1:30. Which works best for you?”
It they agree to one of the times, tell them you will email confirmation and instructions.
If they say “No”, say thank you, I’ll call you back when I have more time.
This will show them that you mean business and you are not calling for idle conversation.
Your only goal is to confirm the date.

If you’re using a  video, website or other type of promotional material, you could say: “I have something you must see. I’m sending you a link and it would be great if you could watch it today, and then I can follow up, around 7pm or 9pm, which works best for you?”
Pin them down to a time that works.

Now this is very important.
At this point, some may prod you for more information.
Don’t fall into that trap.
Again, the invitation is only to invite them to the next step which is where your prospect will get the information.

You may have people on your list that you’re afraid to call.
We call this a “Chicken List”, because you’re too chicken to call them.

Consider this.

When your business takes off, how will you feel knowing that you didn’t call and offer them the chance to look at the opportunity.
You could contact your Chicken list and say something like: “I came across something that I want to share with you.
I want to make sure you know about it because when it takes off, I don’t want you to say that I never told you about it.”
Or worse, you didn’t tell them and someone else did and you see them at a company event.

The point is you want to make sure that you exposed them to the opportunity.
What they do from that point is up to them.

The process of inviting is one of the critical links in the overall Process of Recruiting Prospects.

When used properly, it will fill your pipeline with prospects and your life with prosperity.


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