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Edification-What is it and Why is it So Important?

How do you present your business opportunity when you are new to the business and have no credibility yet?
When you are first getting started in your business, you will frequently use a third party to present your business opportunity to your prospects.
Your Mentor or leaders in your upline will probably be the best people for you to initially rely on to help you build your business.
I strongly urge you to call on these people to help you in the recruiting process as often as needed.
By the way, they expect it and most compensation plans are designed to support it.

When you ask someone in your business to help you in the process of recruiting prospects, one of the best ways to make them credible is to edify them.
What does it mean to edify someone?
In Network Marketing, edification is used to provide credibility for a person, event or company.
It’s a way to build them up, introduce them and give them stature.

In Network Marketing, it’s VITAL that you edify your upline leaders in order to give them credibility and position them as experts.
This will greatly increase the likelihood that prospects will be receptive to hearing the information being presented.
As a result, a leader who has been properly edified will have more authority to assist you in recruiting prospects into your business.
A great edification of your mentor or leader can make the difference between someone wanting to hear a presentation or turning off completely.
Your objective is to let your prospects know who your mentor is, where they are from, what success they have had, their leadership qualities, and their commitment to helping their team achieve success. 

Always express your gratitude toward your mentor and convey how important they are to your team.
You’re probably wondering what’s the easiest way to edify someone without going overboard. 

1. Start by mentioning something about your mentor’s background; such as what they did before they joined your Network Marketing company.

2. Mention one or two points about your mentor’s current status or ranking.
This could include something like:  “He currently has a team of more than 10,000 members and now concentrates on helping his leaders build their teams.”

3. Give one or two points about your mentor’s future plans.
An example of this might be;
“He’s looking forward to his son graduating from medical school in 2 years without a single student loan.”

4. Then introduce your mentor to your prospect.

If this is a one-on-one meeting, once your mentor has been properly edified and introduced, you should say something nice about your prospect also and then introduce
him/her to your mentor.

Something like: “this is Sarah and this is why I think she would be a great asset to our team.”
Make sure you give some thought to how you will edify your prospect.
You want to make sure that they feel special and your mentor can tailor their comments to them and their situation.

If this is a group meeting, simply edify and introduce your mentor, then let them address your prospects without interruption.

 Here are a couple of examples of how you might edify one of your leaders or mentor: 

1. “I’m so excited to introduce you to Sally Jacobs.
She’s a softball coach at my kids high school and has 3 kids of her own.
She’s a trained nutritionist and her knowledge of our products was the thing that convinced me to get involved with this company.
She’s built a really successful team.
She’s got great energy and I think you’re going to really enjoy meeting her.”


2. “Let me introduce you to my friend, Bob Reynolds.
He had an impressive career with Prudential, but told me that he always wanted to have his own business and be his own boss.
Frankly I was surprised he chose to leave all those corporate benefits behind.  But he told me that once he really got going in this business it wasn’t long before he
equaled and surpassed his 
former income.

At that point the upside of this business was so much greater, that it was an easy decision for Bob to come on board full time.
e’s been an incredible mentor for me so I can’t wait for you to meet him and see what he has to say.”

What you say to prospects during the edification process should be simple, sweet and honest.
It’s really just a matter of putting a nice frame around a great painting.
Ultimately, it’s the painting that does the talking.  You’re just framing or doing the setup.
Always remember that edification is not used as a power trip or to enhance someone’s ego.

Never use edification to make anyone else feel less important.
Edification is used as a tool to give credibility to your mentor and your upline leaders, and to acknowledge their position within your organization so they can have the most influence possible with your prospects.

Master the practice of edification.
It’s one of the most powerful tools available in Network Marketing and a key element in the recruiting process!


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