4 Keys To Be Successful

Stay Engaged

You need a role model in your company. Someone who is enthused about the company and the opportunity it provides. Find someone in your business who has what you want and do what they do. Network marketing is a people business and you need to find the person or persons who keep you in the game. If you model yourself after someone who is successful you will be a success. Surround yourself with successful people and you will be successful.

Get Excited 

Remember how you first felt when your joined your company? This was it; this is where you were going to make your fortune, right. Keep that focus; keep that excitement. You will need it on those days when things aren’t going so well. Everyone tells you how great this business is, what they don’t tell you is how hard building a business can be. It’s your mindset and excitement that will carry you.

Be Proud of what you are doing. If you were graduating from college and going to medical school everyone would be proud and excited for you. But when you announce to your friends and family that you are becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own home based business, they probably thought you were a little crazy. I’m here to tell you that crazy is good – don’t loose sight of that?

They may have tried something and failed, and because of their failure they don’t think that you will succeed. They don’t understand your why.

You need to develop a “So What” attitude…if they don’t like what you’re doing, So What !!

Be A Product of the Product

Now that you have joined your company you must be enthusiastic and have a sincere passion about it. And more importantly, a commitment to follow through to achieve your goals. You must become a product of the product. Have you ever talked to someone and they said you had to have something but they didn’t have it themselves? There is no credibility with what they are asking you to do. Two factors that help determine whether or not you are more apt to succeed; credibility and trust.

No matter if your company is product or service based you must use what you offer. How can you expect someone else to get excited or impassioned about your company if you are not using what you offer? You cannot sit on the sidelines and tell people how great it is. You must tell them how great it has been for you.

Never Quit

Have you ever thought that you were in the right place at the right time? But then something happened that changed your mind. You must believe that you are in the right place at the right time. Be true to yourself and loyal to your company. Regardless of the amount of time you are able to commit in your business, do not deviate from your objective. It could be 2 hours per day, it could be more. Whatever it is do not let anything get in your way of achieving your daily goal. This is your future; this is your chance for a better life. You must believe that and not stray from your course.

You have chosen this path, it’s not for everyone. Some will be interested, some won’t…NEXT. Either your opportunity fits with your Prospects needs or it doesn’t. But if you don’t put enough lines in the water, you will never catch any fish. It’s the law of averages; never stop recruiting, new people will bring energy to you and your group. Don’t assume anything. Don’t assume that your closest friend or business associate will not be interested in your opportunity. They may be at a place in their lives that is perfect for your business but if you assume they won’t be interested or if you’re worried they may think you’re crazy, get over it! Talk to everyone you know and to complete strangers. How do you know what their needs are if you don’t ask? Asking takes assumption out of the picture. Pulling information from people by asking questions is a much better way to understand what their needs are as opposed to assuming, pushing or telling them what you think they should know.

How do you handle rejection? Most people don’t handle it well. One No and they change course. It’s important to understand that when someone says NO, they’re not saying no to you personally. They’re saying no to you opportunity, not to you, so don’t take it personally.


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