3 Way Calls

3-Way Calls are an extremely effective tool to build your business.

They provide credibility and validity for what you are offering and remove you from having to be the expert – a major advantage when you’re first starting out. The 3-Way Call is a key method of the Exposure Process to convey information to your prospects. More importantly, it is one of the most effective ways to close your prospect and enroll them as a new member. When done correctly, it sends a powerful message to your prospects that they won’t have to be an expert to be in the business. This demonstrates the ease of replicating the process, which is the necessary ingredient for success in Network Marketing. Typically, these calls are short, sweet and to the point, lasting no more than 10 to 15 minutes.  You’ll be amazed by how efficient and successful the process of using 3-Way Calls can be.

There are two types of 3-Way Calls.
One is a spontaneous 3-Way Call, the other is a scheduled call.
As the name implies, spontaneous 3-Way Calls tend to happen on the spur of the moment.
They typically involve the person you’ve been talking to, along with your mentor or leader who has given you permission to contact them for a 3-Way Call when you’ve found a hot prospect.
The second is a Scheduled call which are planned in advance, at a specific time on a specific day.
Scheduled calls should always start on time, out of respect for your presenter and your prospects.
These can be recurring calls scheduled typically twice a week with staggered times to accommodate most everyone’s schedule.
For example, every Tuesday evening at 7PM or every Wednesday at 1:30PM in the afternoon.
The real beauty of scheduled calls is that you can have your Expert make a presentation to as many people as you have invited to join your call, whether that is two or three, or 10 or 20.

Now that’s using your time and mentor wisely, and it ís able to be duplicated for your downline.

One thing to remember, before you start scheduling 3-Way Calls, it’s important that you know how to use your telephone.
There not all the same.
If you don’t know how, be sure to call your phone company before you start this process.
This goes for both cell phones and landlines.
This may sound silly, but you want the process to go as smoothly as possible so all the focus is on your Expertíse presentation, not on you trying to figure out how to bring another person on the call.

If you’re making scheduled calls, you want to use a conference calling service that allows all your prospects to call into a central number at the appointed time to hear the presentation. An example is freeconferencecall.com

When you’re ready to start using 3 way calls, you’ll want to make a list of people who you can use as your third-party experts to conduct the Call.
This is especially true for spontaneous 3-Way Calls.
Your mentor and other upline leaders are probably the most effective third-party experts, and the most likely to be willing to help you with the process.  They themselves have done the process many times.
Once you have your list, make sure you have everyone’s name, background information, their success in the business, their location and their general availability for 3-way calls. In other words, which days and times are convenient for them to participate with you.
Have this information available when you are prospecting.
One tip that can increase your success rate is to match up similar people together.
For instance, if you have a prospect who is a nurse, and you have Expert who is a nurse or health care professional who is having success, try putting the two together.
Likewise, if you have a prospect who is a real estate agent, see if you can find someone in that particular business to present to them.
Of course, don’t let this stop you if you don’t.

You want to find multiple people who are willing to support you, allowing you to create as many 3-Way Calling opportunities as you can.

Here are some key components to a 3-way call:
1. Before the call, inform both your expert and your prospect about each other.
This is particularly important on spontaneous calls.
Just be brief.
On scheduled calls, once you get started, simply introduce and build credibility, or edify, your Expert and thank your prospects for being there.
Then turn the presentation over to your Expert.  For more details, see the course on edification.
2. Sit back and relax and do not interrupt your Expert.
If you start talking, it reduces the power of your expert, and your prospect may wonder why you needed the expert at all.
You may even want to mute your phone.
3. Allow for the bonding of your Prospects and your Expert.
4. At this point, let your Expert do all the talking until it’s time to wrap up.
Your Expert will edify you to your prospects at the end of the call.
5. Thank your prospects and your expert.
Then end the call.
6. Afterwards, your prospects will either join or be moved further along in the decision making process.
Your prospects will come away seeing the bigger picture and with a better sense of whether this opportunity is right for them.
The call will also validate your excitement and any other information you may have shared with them.
Some prospects may decide not to join, but that’s OK.
You’ve kept your promise to show them the opportunity and no longer need to invest your time with them.
7. Also those on the call will now be able to see themselves succeeding because they are not in business by themselves, and they can draw on the power of 3-way calls to tell the story.
Remember, when youíre new to the business, there will be a lot of things you don’t know and there will be questions you won’t be able to answer.
You’ll want an expert to answer those questions for you.
That’s the great thing about Network Marketing.
You can take yourself out of that part of the equation by using 3-way calls.
Plus, itís a process that can be duplicated, time and time again.
It’s about leveraging other people’s knowledge and experience to make you money because it also makes them money.
It’s a brilliant form of compensation because the incentive to help is built right in.
Make sure to use 3-way calls to build your business.
They’re among the most powerful recruiting tools available.
They work and generate results.

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