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Introduction to Prospecting-Telephone

We all use the telephone. But are you using it to build your business? The technique of using the telephone can be used with warm leads, or people you know, or cold leads, those you don’t know. It depends on you. You may want to jump right in and start calling your friends and family. […]

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Edification-What is it and Why is it So Important?

How do you present your business opportunity when you are new to the business and have no credibility yet? When you are first getting started in your business, you will frequently use a third party to present your business opportunity to your prospects. Your Mentor or leaders in your upline will probably be the best […]

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Let’s discuss Inviting. The following information about Inviting has been touched on in other Blogs. It’s all related to starting a conversation about your opportunity. Now we want to discuss this technique in detail. My goal is to give you a deeper understanding of the process of who and how to invite. Let’s frame the process. […]

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3 Way Calls

3-Way Calls are an extremely effective tool to build your business. They provide credibility and validity for what you are offering and remove you from having to be the expert – a major advantage when you’re first starting out. The 3-Way Call is a key method of the Exposure Process to convey information to your […]

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The CEO of YOU

Who do you follow on FB or Twitter? Whomever it is they have created their own brand. Many people make conscious and unconscious buying decisions based on people that they follow on social media. There is an entire industry that is based on how to “brand” yourself. If you want to learn how to become […]

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Handling Objections

Handling objections is one of the most important skills to learn and understand. These objections can test your confidence and slow down your progress. This is why it is so important that you understand this skill early on to avoid any pitfalls. As you gain confidence in yourself you will be better able to handle […]

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